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User Comments

"This is my favourite module: It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that I've been after for a long time.Robin Vincent, Molten Modular

"My favourite sequencer that I've come across! " Aaron Ward, Maven Fiction

"I am really excited to explore your module. I have a [RIVAL PRODUCT] which I really like, but truth be told, it sounds like the SIG is what I was hoping the [RIVAL PRODUCT] would be." D.D., Connecticut, USA

""It's excellent––really more than I had anticipated... The nature of the kind of sequences you get out are completely different to the [RIVAL PRODUCT] [SIG offers] much more dynamic and interesting rhythms because the [durations] can speed up and slow down within the pattern." Rack Addicts Review, Ep 73, P.M., Surry, UK

"[RIVAL PRODUCT] vs SIG Stochastic melody generator? SIG 100% Nothing comes even close! It's the bees knees, incredible!!!" F.T., online

"You’ve created something truly inspirational here. I’m still wrapping my head around everything it can do, but I’m blown away so far. I’ve gotten some amazing results so far, and there’s so much more to dig into. Suffice to say, somehow you guys have made Rings into Clouds sound cool again 😂" D.D., Washington DC, USA

My God! What a machine! I bought the [RIVAL PRODUCT] last year when I knew your module was delayed, but yours is on a different level. I'm absolutely delighted with it. Only 30 minutes into it and it's already really blown me away: it's really intuitive, an absolute blast to use, and I love that you can keep a pattern going while you set up another and switch between the two using the mute buttons, that's neat. An absolutely amazing module that is superb straight out of the box. Incredibly intuitive and musical. If anyone wants an immaculate, boxed [RIVAL PRODUCT] now going spare in the UK... Thanks again, I knew it would be worth the wait." A.O., East Lothian, Scotland

"What a great module, I'm so glad I didn't pass on it! [I had] achieved some sort of stochastic performance tool using [RIVAL PRODUCT] but after looking at SIG, reading through the manual and getting these support emails from you, I wanted it. Thanks for taking the time to contact your customer base like that. It goes a long way. Nothing comes close in immediacy in the modular sequencer world. I'm still wrapping my head around all it can do and how to do it: your solution is very elegant. This module is staying in my case forever." JM.D., Montreal, Canada

"SIG is a lot more steerable than [RIVAL PRODUCT] I’ve spent hours just nudging its values to move the shapes and colours around. It’s a very interesting, almost meditative way to work. Something I want to explore in more depth." M.H., Cornwall, UK

"This is just a clock input to SIG, no other modulation sources?! AMAZINGLY impressive!" C.O., Online

“The SIG is an important tool for me, because I have severe arthritis in my hands.  The SIG generates sequences that are simple and straight forward to set up and modify and brings back the joy of creation. Thank you for building and refining the ultimate inspiration generator: it’s playable and creative, is clearly superior to [RIVAL PRODUCTS]  [and] I know this device will be a hit.” E.P., Washington D.C., USA

"I am LOVING it. And I appreciate the care and thought that clearly went in to seeing this design through. When it was first announced I was very excited to see a module approaching the concept that initially drew me to the format - a musical and organic collaboration with the machine, where both hardware and performer are making decisions independently that lead to a coherent whole. The module to me perfectly captures the soul of what the format can and should be about, couldn't be happier!" P.R., California, USA

"It's a trip! Absolutely exhilarating. What an ergonomic interface! My SIG journey [has brought] a renewed sense of wonder, creation, and especially, inspiration!" J.B., Indiana, USA

"The one package I waited for since 2019! I’ve been soooo looking forward to testing this fantastic module. Thank you so much for the amazing support and excellent service. It’s in my rack, and it plays beautifully: a really inspiring sequencer. I use to sequence a lot with [RIVAL PRODUCT] before, but this takes random to another level, both control and random. I used to let [RIVAL PRODUCT] just run in chaos until I find something, and then build upon that but with SIG I I can jump back and forth from my looped sequence, and have control on the randomisation. It doesn’t hurt that I have 4 channels of it either! Luv it. Feels like Christmas!" H.J., Skåne, Sweden

"We’ve just finished recording an album, and this will take centre stage on the next." S.M., Bristol, UK

"Ohoo!! Just plugged it in and must say s**t-hell-f**k-yeah:-) Moog Mother and some sampler and already plays itself! I´m stupid with modern technology and it's been long pain to find an intuitive sequencer. [RIVAL PRODUCT] is good but SIG is far better. This is not a compliment, just pure truth! Last time I was this excited was Morphagene: tonight again :-) Best thing is I don't have to read any manual and remember hidden functions. Just look at it and play. Super. I must thank you very very much for reminding me of my old wish list. Listen to how fantastically SIG holds the upper octaves and then jumps back low. So SI you are the gods :-) I had 4 hours of continuous soundflow and hit record to let you know what you have done. I turned knobs and the result is just fantastic!! I have a super weapon in my arsenal, so all the world's ambient gurus be careful!!! I´m a very proud and happy serial number 0001 owner :-) Going to have another beer and will tweak till morning... Great new innovative ideas!" A.K., Tallin, Estonia

"I have the SIG and [am] loving it. [Compared to the] [RIVAL PRODUCT] I really don't feel I'm missing out by not having CV in and really don't find it necessary. With the expander SIG gives you four channels to control four voices. It’s pretty essential! So the fact that it's four channels of gate/CV is a much bigger deal and more valuable IMO. Got it racked up and had my first evening with it: figured out most functions without even needing the manual! Normally I'm not a fan of multifunctional knobs/faders but it works out fine in this case. The concept of this module is just so perfect for me. I love generative/probabilistic/random generated patterns, and already have Mutable Marbles and Turing Machine: this complements them nicely as its a totally different approach. It's a lot of fun! I can tell it's a keeper and I will get along great with it. Been at the heart of every patch since I got it." B.L., Wisconsin, USA

"Just wonderful, putting it through its paces right now. I am VERY impressed." R.H., Toronto, Canada

"I hadn't figured I'd use the loop function much but I love it: I hadn't realized that each channel (I have the expander too) can loop independently and loops can be restarted from memory meaning they can be used as 'parts' to ground things if they're getting too nebulous. Loop length (or rather start and end points) have a visual representation of state using the front panel being able to visualize the [loop]  makes playing around with it a real pleasure. I've been messing with one captured loop on one channel for an hour now and expect to be here for another one at least. And capturing the portamento too makes it more of a riff loop than a simple melody loop. Really great. I also love the way that is laid out and have memorized the combos I care most about already because of the presentation." A.A., Boston, USA

"You've created the coolest module in the World!" D.S., Florence, Italy

"Just one minute after plugging in, I re-patched my working patch quickly, no manual, and already great result, wow! The SIG will be at the start/front of a lot of patches: I am planning already something from scratch, multiple channels, all sliders at zero, and give it a go, recording it live! So much fun, easy to start with, but it can go deep, so never a dull moment soon here! 😁 It's really a  inspiration, the best buy in a long time, totally worth the wait: the SIG was a turning point, it made my rig come alive!" W.W., Hoofddorp, Netherlands

"Absolutely fabulous! I have wanted one of these for at least two years, and I'm glad to get my hands on one. It works in a way that is very intuitive for my way of thinking." C.J., Washington, USA

"The SIG really is amazing. It’s much more playful than I had expected and does so much more than I imagined. All the functions are very easy to get to and  are a joy to use. Secondary durations are AWESOME!! It’s so pretty and the knobs, though small, are very solid and have a lovely feel when you turn them. You have implemented it wonderfully. I love it!" D.A., Cambridge, UK

"Love everything about this module." M.R., Online

"It's in the rack and straight away came up with some amazing things on the fly which blew me away today! Gave me all sorts of possibilities once I can slightly tame the beast! The storage function so it powers back up with last settings is the best! After hours of noodling the last thing you want is to start again from scratch! Definitely the missing link: sent me further down the rabbit hole. An awesome bit of kit." M.S., Cornwall, UK

"What manner of sorcery is this?!" M.A.G., Online

"Such an intuitive way of sculpting random musical patterns. Straight into the rig and always used!" A.R., London, UK

"SIG is absolutely amazing and I haven't even tried the loop function yet...! I have it free-running with 2 acid voices and a Syncussion voice clone alongside some 606 beats - pure bliss :)  SIG is so much deeper than you'd suspect from the panel... But if you're like me and don't like learning curves there is still plenty of fun and creativity to be had without diving too deep." S.vL., Turnhout, Belguim

"[SIG] is super fast to set up, the panel layout is great for spacing and hands on, and it spits out a terrific variety of melody lines. Channel 4 on the expander is hardwired to my Roland MC-202 and it's an instant IDM/nostalgic acid lines machine...[and] I'm sure that I've explored only a little of the module itself, so I can expect nothing more that more goodness. Loving it, really!!"  E.P., Grassina, Italy

"Like the instrument makers of the past, please continue to feel the spirit of the times and create the tools that will allow the expression of contemporary sensibilities!" P.D., Nampty, France

"This module is bananas! 🍌 🍌🍌 I knew I had to have one as soon as I saw it. Deep but intuitive. The SIG has [already] become an integral part of my workflow [and I'm so far] not even scratching the surface... Awesome module! " D.J., Virginia, USA

"Outstanding communication and service, and a really well thought out and designed first module. I’ll be watching this space with much interest." L.D., Sydney, Australia

"I really like your approach - it seems that the SIG is the perfect entry of music theory into the modular world. I always felt that with a module that allows us to bring music theory into modular synth, would get into another dimension. Fixed sequences and complete randomness are boring so I am really glad that someone with a strong musical background brought something new to the table! A great module...I’m really looking forward to play with it!" C.P., France

"So much fun and possibilities.  This is just what I needed to open the door on my system to new notions and inspiration.  BIG THANK YOU!" M.O., New York, USA

"An optimal person/machine/environment relation. For a novice, all of this is an aide, for the expert composer, a collaborator." T.T., Virginia, U.S.

"Having tons of fun and loving my SIG & Expander. It’s what I’ve been looking for in a random module. It has so much potential for improvisation [and] outputting from all 4 CV’s and TrEG’s to my racks [is giving] me endless ideas. It’s really playable as an instrument/conductor once you have some of the basic understanding of the module and I have to say this is the first module I can say this for. Thanks again for creating...a great musical instrument." G.d P., Rhode Island, USA

"Loving it. I have been recommending it to all my Eurorack friends. What a great module! Kudos!" K.J.M., Minnesota, USA

"I can only confirm what other people say. It’s just wonderful! I’ve emptied my rack to reconfigure it with the SIG as one of the main modules. As for now I’ve only got Rings and Plaits installed and this alone will give me hours to play. Thank you for making this come true." P.W., Gouda, Netherlands

"The module looks excellent, it's even nicer than in pics and I know that it will be a source of inspiration in my studio. I'm super happy with it and I want to thank you for all the support and responsiveness that you have shown. This will sell like hotcakes! Thank you very much!" M.M.B., Madrid, Spain 

"Thanks Phin! My SIG+EXP has indeed found its new home in my case. Reading the manual and practicing my chords and triads to make best use of it! I am really excited about this module. It is a real beast. Thanks again!" J.J., Oregon, USA

"I've experimented with a number of different ways to use randomness and probability in Eurorack since taking that initial jump down the rabbit hole, and I can say that none of the methods I've ventured into have been this promising from the get-go. So I really appreciate your kindness and help in procuring this. I love it and I am looking forward to making all kinds of weird and wonderful music with it!" C.H., Nevada, USA