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SIG: Best Module 2021, Facebook Eurorack Synthesizers Group, >26k members

SIG: Gear News Best of Eurorack 2020
Customers include Amon Tobin, Richard Devine, J.J. Abrams, Alt-J
Depeche Mode, London Grammar, My Chemical RomanceWashed Out
J.J. Abrams
"SIG's functionality is so perfect for the way I approach sequencing. A real creative catalyst."
Amon Tobin
"One of the most exciting releases in Eurorack. Super blown away. Will use this one in my new live setup."
Richard Devine
​"Unbelievable modules you guys have made. Perfect amount of chaos but such musical results.
This module is so good!"
Dot Major, Lon
don Grammar
"[Seeing] the Stochastic Generator on Sonic State reminded me of what a cool device this module is."
Ben, DivKid
​"This is my favourite module. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that I've been after for a long time." 
Robin Vincent, Molten Modular

User Examples

SIG Abstract

Richard Devine:

Chris Pratt 1:

Chris Pratt 2:

Clarke Robinson


John Schussler 1:

John Schussler 2:

Friendly Noise 1:

Friendly Noise 2:

Friendly Noise 3 (MIDI computer integration)

Friendly Noise 4 (atonal piano):

Dave Pawlan:

Phil Grossblatt TrEGs 1:

Phil Grossblatt TrEGs 2:

Phil Grossblatt TrEGs 3:

Peter Antens:

Hussein Boon 1: Live Stream

Hussein Boon 2:

Jam in a Box (Bruno Molteni):

Exit Music:

Jamie Kowalski 6:

Jamie Kowalski 7:

Jamie Kowalski 8:

Jamie Kowalski 9:

Jamie Kowalski 10:

Jamie Kowalski 11:

Sam Burt (stochastic speech):

Brian Lamb:

Paul Usher 5:

J.P. Doherty:

Lowpass Park 1:

Lowpass Park 2:

Alec K Redfearn 1:

Alec K. Redfearn 2:

Alec K. Redfearn 3:

Robert Anselmi 2:

Robert Anselmi 3:

Robert Anselmi 4:

Satellite Fires 1:

Satellite Fires 2:

idq2 1:

idq2 2:

idq2 3:

idq2 4:

idq2 5:

idq2 6:

idq2 7:

Synthesis MGroth:

Lowpass Park:

Nai Sammon 1:

Nai Sammon 2:

Nai Sammon 3:

Nai Sammon 4:

Probbie 4:

Sean Ahern:

Sean Ahern (full album):

Heliosheath (Ken Sheldon):

Johno Wells 5:

Johno Wells 6:

Johno Wells 7:

Johno Wells 8:

Johno Wells 9:

Peter Digby Lee:


Aleatoric Machine:

The Lunar Asylum:

Spaceman Jacques:


Jo Be 1:

Jo Be 2:

Jo Be 3:

Jo Be 4:

Jo Be 5:

Jo Be 6:

Jo Be 7:

Jo Be 8:



Squidboat Commander 1:
Squidboat Commander 2:
Squidboat Commander 3:
Squidboat Commander 4:

SIG Ambient

Uncertain Music Corps 1:
Wim Wijnhoven 1:

Ain Kalberg:

umcorps 1:

umcorps 2:

uncorps 3:

uncorps 4:

Manic Modular 1:

Manic Modular 2:

Rod Scott 1:

Rod Scott 2:

Joshua Philgarlic 1:

Joshua Philgarlic 2:​

Stephano Gavilanes:

Sergio Gómez:

Filipo Rieder 1:

Filipo Rieder 2:

Filipo Rieder 3:

Filipo Rieder 4:

Filipo Rieder 5:

Filipo Rieder 6:

Filipo Rieder 7:

Filipo Rieder 8:

Filipo Rieder 9:

_buiobuio_ 1:

_buiobuio_ 2:

_buiobuio_ 3:

_buiobuio_ 4:

_buiobuio_ 5:

Tumeni Knobs (Demand Mode Krell):

Rick Batyr 3:

Renaud Jungmann 1

Jamie Kowalski 5:

Paul Usher 2:

Paul Usher 3:

Andreas Gosberg:

Joseph Huba 1:

Joseph Huba 2:

John Robert Lennon:

Trevor Martineau:

Christian Ploj 4:

Christian Ploj 5:

Christian Ploj 6:

Christian Ploj 7:

Clone Crow 1:

Clone Crow 3:

Clone Crow 4:

Clone Crow 5:

Clone Crow 6:

Clone Crow 7:

Clone Crow 8:

Clone Crow 9:

Clone Crow 10:

Alessandro Mastroianni:


Probbie 1:

Probbie 2:

Probbie 3:

Probbie 6:

Johno Wells 1:

Johno Wells 2:

Johno Wells 3:

Johno Wells 4:

V R C V S 1:

V R C V S 2:

V R C V S 3:

Aaron Goldberg Live Stream Full:

Aaron Goldberg Live Stream Segment 1:

Aaron Goldberg Live Stream Segment 2:

Aaron Goldberg Live Stream Segment 3:

Luvdattek 1:

Luvdattek 2:

Luvdattek 3:

Luvdattek 4:

Luvdattek 5:

Oscillator Rex:

Eldritch Madcap:

Moog Lee Live Stream 2

Moog Lee Live Stream 4

Moog Lee Live Stream 6:

Moog Lee Live Stream 7:

Moog Lee Live Stream 9:

Moog Lee Live Stream 11:

Moog Lee Live Stream 14:


D Pawlin:

Michae Bauer:

Wal RtB Studios 3:

Wal RtB Studios 4:

Probie 7:

Wade Hathaway:

Dr. Syntheo:

Philip Taylor:

Mathew Gracie:


SIG Melodic

Brandon Logic 1:

Brandon Logic 2:

Brandon Logic 3:

Brandon Logic 4: (HiRes:

Brandon Logic 5:

Brandon Logic 6:

Brandon Logic 7

Brandon Logic 8:

Brandon Logic 9:

Brandon Logic 10:

Brandon Logic 11:

Brandon Logic 12:

Brandon Logic 13:

Brandon Logic 14:



Wim Wijnhoven 2:

Wim Wijnhoven 3:

Wim Wijnhoven 4:

Wim Wijnhoven 5:

Ricardo Verschut:

Per Sundell:

Rick Batyr 1:

Rick Batyr 2:

Jamie Kowalski 1:

Jamie Kowalski 2:

Jamie Kowalski 3:

Paul Williams 1 (annotated):

Paul Williams 2:

SonicVoltage 1 (annotated):

SonicVoltage 2 (annotated):

James Brown 1:

James Brown 2:

Renaud Jungmann 2:

Paul Usher 1:

Peter Brown:

Christian Ploj 3:

Tumeni Knobs 1:

Tumeni Knobs 2:

Tumeni Knobs 3:

Tumeni Knobs 4:

Tumeni Knobs 5:

Jam In A Box:

B Positive:


Robert Anselmi 1:

Eldritch Madcap:

Stephano Gavilanes:

Ello Propello:

Flat Round Modular Music 1

Flat Round Modular Music 2

Flat Round Modular Music 3

Flat Round Modular Music 5

Steve Flato 1:

Steve Flato 2:

Steve Flato 3

Steve Flato 4:

Steve Flato 5:

Jerry González 1:

Jerry González 2:

Jerry González 3:

Club Zothique (SIG used throughout):

Probbie 5:

boat_dares 1:

umcorps 3:

Conatus Modulari 1:

David Bragger:

Jamie Kowalski 4:

Wal RtD Studio 1:

Wal RtD Studio 2:

Uncertain Music Corps 2:

Robert Read 1:

Robert Read 2:

Jumpshrew 1:

Jumpshrew 2:

Jumpshrew 3:

Jumpshrew 4:

Jumpshrew 5:

Darren Gibbs:

Sean Ahern:

Breadbox Electronic Music:

Philip Taylor:

SIG Techno

Tomo in der Muhlen:

Tomo in der Muhlen: 2

Matt Vinyl:

Chris Roberts:

Paul'Ah Pumapih'mel:

Mark C Young:

Warp Heads:


Phil Grossblatt 1:

Frank Liedemann:

Rick Batyr 4:

Christian Ploj 1:

Christian Ploj 2:

Christian Ploj 8:

Paul Usher 4:

Joseph Huba 3:

Trevor Martineau:

Eric Stoycon:

tl3ss 1:

tl3ss 2:


Gauthier M 1:

Gauthier M 2:
Clone Crow 2:

kaos.mod 1:

kaos.mod 2:

kaos.mod 3:

kaos.mod 4:

kaos.mod 5:

kaos.mod 6:

kaos.mod 7:

kaos.mod 8:

Jam In A Box:

Flat Round Modular Music 4:

Dijon Frazer:

Moog Lee Live Stream 1: or with full preparation here

Moog Lee Live Stream 3:

Moog Lee Live Stream 5:

Moog Lee Live Stream 8:

Moog Lee Live Stream 10:

Moog Lee Live Stream 12:

Moog Lee Live Stream 13:


Andreas Brenk:

SIG Review CV Source

User Comments

SIG Testimonials

"SIG's functionality is so perfect for the way I approach sequencing. A real creative catalyst." Amon Tobin

"This is my favourite module: It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that I've been after for a long time.Robin Vincent, Molten Modular

"One of the most exciting releases in Eurorack: the Stochastic Inspiration Generator is absolutely wild! I was super blown away by the videos of this module. Will use this one in my new live setup. Great work on this one!" Richard Devine 

"Unbelievable modules you guys have made. Perfect amount of chaos but such musical results." Dot Major, London Grammar

"My favourite sequencer that I've come across! The SIG is amazing honestly." Aaron Ward, Maven Fiction

"IMHO SIG is the most useful random-based Eurorack composing tool out there - and great fun paired with the EaganMatrix module as a CV note and rhythm controller." EaganMatrix, online

"It's the first module I've reached for in almost every patch since receipt." Exit Chamber, Online

"I’m mind blown by the beauty of your response, thank you so much for all the information. Amazing to see a company with such positive attitude in their products and their approach."  G.S., Italy

"[SIG] really is inspirational. Probabilistic everything. Such useful for so many applications, from stutter effects to arpeggios to four voice tracks...and the looper is a really nice bonus that is very handy. It’s a bit a really wonderful way. I’ve only scratched the surface but I’m hooked. And I love how you layered things in a very easy to follow way. It’s deep but also intuitive: a joy to play with. If you want aleatoric and generative stuff, this is the sequencer you’ve been looking for." A.R., online

"SIG is safely ensconced in the middle of one of my racks and is providing endless fun. This is so much more fun that other random players. I sold XXXX and am now eyeing up the space my XXXX eats up! 😉A.F., Fife, Scotland

"The learning curve was negligible: I was able to make it do cool things in minutes. The basic button/knob combos are also not hard to understand (I recommend the “manual on the panel” faceplate). After a few hours you’ll know exactly hot to crank up ratcheting or portamento by muscle memory. It’s become my go-to melody maker module ahead of XXXX, XXXX, XXXX for it super playable interface. I’ve also been using the extra channels from the expander for very controllable random modulation of other stuff in patches. The build quality is excellent. All the knobs and sliders and buttons feel nice a solid. [After 2 months] SIG still rules the rack for me. So damned musical and fun. Totally my favorite module. Go for it!" TumeniKnobs, Online

"I received my SIG with really high expectations. I dove into modular looking to create music intentionally and caved and bought XXXX and found that I loved generative music and evolving modulation. XXXX quickly became one of my favourite modules, but it always felt limiting and one dimensional. I've had the SIG for about a week and it's more than exceeded my expectations. In fact, I love it so much, I can't think of a reason why I'd keep XXXX, unless I use it for drum triggers if the SIG is using all the outputs. The TrEG out completely sets SIG apart from XXXX and other generative modules. 

I wanted to send you and your team a thank you and kudos. What you've created is not just wonderful, but it's surprisingly intuitive. What I've found especially easy is the secondary functions and how you've placed them on the module with the large letter on the octaves cluing me in to what the secondary function is, then with the words associated with them being on the top or bottom to correspond to the button. That's just great. And thank you again for responding to my Facebook post when I was concerned the module was stuck in transit: that was very cool of you and above and beyond. Best of luck with production, sales, and I look forward to future modules from you all!" A.D., New York, US

"Awesome work guys! Just sold my XXXX! 😉 Thanks for putting this much effort into this module! ❤️" M.V., Berlin, Germany

"I am really excited to explore your module. I have a XXXX which I really like, but truth be told...the SIG is what I was hoping the XXXX would be." D.D., Connecticut, USA

"The XXXX was my favourite module, then I got the SIG, and sold my XXXX. [Although] XXXX has some CV assignments, I rarely used them: it’s more fun to play SIG live. SIG has more features but if you’re a huge stochastic fan, I could easily see you owning both." L.B., online

"I discovered SIG from a video of Robin Vincent's Molten Modular. I listened to demos and came to the conclusion that I would really like to have a SIG in my system. I have already played a little with stochastic plugins, but they are toys compared to SIG. The XXXX is fine, but can not compare, and is way more pricey and hp hungry." Y.LV., Paris, France

""It's excellent––really more than I had anticipated... The nature of the kind of sequences you get out are completely different to the XXXX [SIG offers] much more dynamic and interesting rhythms because the [durations] can speed up and slow down within the pattern." Rack Addicts Review, Ep 73, P.M., Surry, UK

"XXXX vs SIG Stochastic melody generator? SIG 100% Nothing comes even close! It's the bees knees, incredible!!!" F.T., online

"You’ve created something truly inspirational here. I’m still wrapping my head around everything it can do, but I’m blown away so far. I’ve gotten some amazing results so far, and there’s so much more to dig into. Suffice to say, somehow you guys have made Rings into Clouds sound cool again 😂" D.D., Washington DC, USA

"If XXXX is a road legal sports car then think SIG is a Mad Max v8 Interceptor! Even [just the] one track [Main Unit] does a lot more and seems a lot more powerful. SIG feels like the White Whale module I wanted since I became interested in modular while the XXXX was surprisingly underwhelming." Z.V., Massachusetts, USA

"I was awake way too long last night playing with this module! Incredibly happy that it can take a swinging  clock. XXXX I have found does not. Really liking SIG and really glad that I got the expander! S.N., Albuquerque, USA

"The single channel SIG becomes a four channel powerhouse with the expander. It's a world of inspiration." R.S., Alabama, USA

"If you are getting one definitely get the Expander too. I was just going to pick up the SIG but Phin advised me otherwise, and he was right. This gives you four completely independent channels of aleatoric joy." N.J., Cornwall, UK

"Love the SIG. Had mine for a couple of months. Didn't buy the Expander at first but it took about 2 minutes of using SIG to realise I needed the expander so ORDER BOTH! 🙂" P.S., Karlstad, Sweden

"My God! What a machine! Having much fun with the module. The SIG has physically replaced my XXXX  in the rack, and the XXXX  XXXX —which I only got when I knew your module was delayed—is on borrowed time 🙂 Yours is on a different level. I'm absolutely delighted with it. Only 30 minutes into it and it's already really blown me away: it's really intuitive, an absolute blast to use, and I love that you can keep a pattern going while you set up another and switch between the two using the mute buttons, that's neat. An absolutely amazing module that is superb straight out of the box. Incredibly intuitive and musical. If anyone wants an immaculate, boxed XXXX now going spare in the UK... Thanks again for your very personal touch in the whole process and a wonderful module. I knew it would be worth the wait." A.O., East Lothian, Scotland

"Very impressed. Much more useable and comprehensive than my XXXX" B.H., Vancouver, Canada

"What a great module, I'm so glad I didn't pass on it! [I had] achieved some sort of stochastic performance tool using XXXX but after looking at SIG, reading through the manual and getting these support emails from you, I wanted it. Thanks for taking the time to contact your customer base like that. It goes a long way. Nothing comes close in immediacy in the modular sequencer world. I'm still wrapping my head around all it can do and how to do it: your solution is very elegant. This module is staying in my case forever." JM.D., Montréal, Canada

"SIG is a lot more steerable than XXXX I’ve spent hours just nudging its values to move the shapes and colours around. It’s a very interesting, almost meditative way to work. Something I want to explore in more depth. If you have something that has dynamic trigger inputs (like Disting EX in SD 6 mode) you can also do some very interesting and expressive rhythmic sequencing with the TrEEs" M.H., Cornwall, UK

"This is just a clock input to SIG, no other modulation sources?! AMAZINGLY impressive!" C.O., Online

“The SIG is an important tool for me, because I have severe arthritis in my hands.  The SIG generates sequences that are simple and straight forward to set up and modify and brings back the joy of creation. Thank you for building and refining the ultimate inspiration generator: it’s playable and creative, is clearly superior to XXXX  [and] I know this device will be a hit.” E.P., Washington D.C., USA

"I am LOVING it. And I appreciate the care and thought that clearly went in to seeing this design through. When it was first announced I was very excited to see a module approaching the concept that initially drew me to the format - a musical and organic collaboration with the machine, where both hardware and performer are making decisions independently that lead to a coherent whole. The module to me perfectly captures the soul of what the format can and should be about, couldn't be happier!" P.R., California, USA

"I have been having quite a spectacular time with the Stochastic Inspiration Generator. It's a trip! Absolutely exhilarating. It is truly unlike any other module. What an ergonomic interface! My SIG journey [has brought] a renewed sense of wonder, creation, and especially, inspiration! I cannot get enough of this ineffably fulfilling module and I most likely never will." J.B., Indiana, USA

"The one package I waited for since 2019! I’ve been soooo looking forward to testing this fantastic module. Thank you so much for the amazing support and excellent service. It’s in my rack, and it plays beautifully: a really inspiring sequencer. I use to sequence a lot with XXXX before, but this takes random to another level, both control and random. I used to let XXXX just run in chaos until I find something, and then build upon that but with SIG I I can jump back and forth from my looped sequence, and have control on the randomisation. It doesn’t hurt that I have 4 channels of it either! Luv it. Feels like Christmas!" H.J., Skåne, Sweden

"I couldn’t take my hands off of it all weekend. So much fun. It’s really a great piece of gear [and] feels very natural to play with it. I have just sold my XXXX." E.N. Bristol, UK

"Ohoo!! Just plugged it in and must say s**t-hell-f**k-yeah:-) Moog Mother and some sampler and already plays itself! I´m stupid with modern technology and it's been long pain to find an intuitive sequencer. XXXX is good but SIG is far better. This is not a compliment, just pure truth! Last time I was this excited was Morphagene: tonight again :-) Best thing is I don't have to read any manual and remember hidden functions. Just look at it and play. Super. I must thank you very very much for reminding me of my old wish list. Listen to how fantastically SIG holds the upper octaves and then jumps back low. So SI you are the gods :-) I had 4 hours of continuous soundflow and hit record to let you know what you have done. I turned knobs and the result is just fantastic!! I have a super weapon in my arsenal, so all the world's ambient gurus be careful!!! I´m a very proud and happy serial number 0001 owner :-) Going to have another beer and will tweak till morning... Great new innovative ideas!" A.K., Tallin, Estonia

"Plugged it in for about 30mins only and already absolutely love it! Thanks again for the quick messages and everything—you did a killer product!" G.S., London, UK

"Stochastic Inspiration Generator my favorite random pattern generator. I [am] loving it. [Compared to the] XXXX I really don't feel I'm missing out by not having CV. It really doesn't need cv modulation.The internal randomness is its modulation and it’s so fine-tunable that external modulation just isn’t necessary. It’s like having 20 Turing Machines modulating every possible parameter internally as it is! With the expander SIG gives you four channels to control four voices. It’s pretty essential! So the fact that it's four channels of gate/CV is a much bigger deal and more valuable IMO. Got it racked up and had my first evening with it: figured out most functions without even needing the manual! Normally I'm not a fan of multifunctional knobs/faders but it works out fine in this case. The concept of this module is just so perfect for me. I love generative/probabilistic/random generated patterns, and already have Mutable Marbles and Turing Machine: this complements them nicely as its a totally different approach. It's a lot of fun! I can tell it's a keeper and I will get along great with it. Been at the heart of every patch since I got it. The most fun module I own? The Stochastic Inspiration Generator no doubt." B.L., Wisconsin, USA

"Just wonderful, putting it through its paces right now. I am VERY impressed." R.H., Toronto, Canada

"I hadn't figured I'd use the loop function much but I love it: I hadn't realized that each channel (I have the expander too) can loop independently and loops can be restarted from memory meaning they can be used as 'parts' to ground things if they're getting too nebulous. Loop length (or rather start and end points) have a visual representation of state using the front panel being able to visualize the [loop]  makes playing around with it a real pleasure. I've been messing with one captured loop on one channel for an hour now and expect to be here for another one at least. And capturing the portamento too makes it more of a riff loop than a simple melody loop. Really great. I also love the way that is laid out and have memorized the combos I care most about already because of the presentation." A.A., Boston, USA

"You've created the coolest module in the World!" D.S., Florence, Italy

"Just one minute after plugging in, I re-patched my working patch quickly, no manual, and already great result, wow! The SIG will be at the start/front of a lot of patches: I am planning already something from scratch, multiple channels, all sliders at zero, and give it a go, recording it live! So much fun, easy to start with, but it can go deep, so never a dull moment soon here! 😁 It's really a  inspiration, the best buy in a long time, totally worth the wait: the SIG was a turning point, it made my rig come alive!" W.W., Hoofddorp, Netherlands

"Absolutely fabulous! I have wanted one of these for at least two years, and I'm glad to get my hands on one. It works in a way that is very intuitive for my way of thinking." C.J., Washington, USA

"The SIG really is amazing. It’s much more playful than I had expected and does so much more than I imagined. All the functions are very easy to get to and  are a joy to use. Secondary durations are AWESOME!! It’s so pretty and the knobs, though small, are very solid and have a lovely feel when you turn them. You have implemented it wonderfully. I love it!" D.A., Cambridge, UK

"Love everything about this module." M.R., Online

"It's in the rack and straight away came up with some amazing things on the fly which blew me away today! Gave me all sorts of possibilities once I can slightly tame the beast! The storage function so it powers back up with last settings is the best! After hours of noodling the last thing you want is to start again from scratch! Definitely the missing link: sent me further down the rabbit hole. An awesome bit of kit." M.S., Cornwall, UK

"Such an intuitive way of sculpting random musical patterns. Straight into the rig and always used!" A.R., London, UK

"SIG is absolutely amazing and I haven't even tried the loop function yet...! I have it free-running with 2 acid voices and a Syncussion voice clone alongside some 606 beats - pure bliss :)  SIG is so much deeper than you'd suspect from the panel... But if you're like me and don't like learning curves there is still plenty of fun and creativity to be had without diving too deep." S.vL., Turnhout, Belguim

"We’ve just finished recording an album, and this will take centre stage on the next." S.M., Bristol, UK

"[SIG] is super fast to set up, the panel layout is great for spacing and hands on, and it spits out a terrific variety of melody lines. Channel 4 on the expander is hardwired to my Roland MC-202 and it's an instant IDM/nostalgic acid lines machine...[and] I'm sure that I've explored only a little of the module itself, so I can expect nothing more that more goodness. Loving it, really!!"  E.P., Grassina, Italy

"The Stochastic Inspiration Generator seems to me to be one of the most fascinating and exciting electronic instruments I have discovered, [and] has become for me the most 'warm' and friendly in my modular. Like the instrument makers of the past, please continue to feel the spirit of the times and create the tools that will allow the expression of contemporary sensibilities! " P.D., Nampty, France

"This module is bananas! 🍌 🍌🍌 I knew I had to have one as soon as I saw it. Deep but intuitive. The SIG has [already] become an integral part of my workflow [and I'm so far] not even scratching the surface... Awesome module! " D.J., Virginia, USA

"Outstanding communication and service, and a really well thought out and designed first module. I’ll be watching this space with much interest." L.D., Sydney, Australia

"I really like your approach - it seems that the SIG is the perfect entry of music theory into the modular world. I always felt that with a module that allows us to bring music theory into modular synth, would get into another dimension. Fixed sequences and complete randomness are boring so I am really glad that someone with a strong musical background brought something new to the table! A great module...I’m really looking forward to play with it!" C.P., France

"So much fun and possibilities.  This is just what I needed to open the door on my system to new notions and inspiration.  BIG THANK YOU!" M.O., New York, USA

"Having tons of fun and loving my SIG & Expander. It’s what I’ve been looking for in a random module. It has so much potential for improvisation [and] outputting from all 4 CV’s and TrEG’s to my racks [is giving] me endless ideas. It’s really playable as an instrument/conductor once you have some of the basic understanding of the module and I have to say this is the first module I can say this for. Thanks again for creating...a great musical instrument." G.d P., Rhode Island, USA

"Loving it. I have been recommending it to all my Eurorack friends. What a great module! Kudos!" K.J.M., Minnesota, USA

"I can only confirm what other people say. It’s just wonderful! I’ve emptied my rack to reconfigure it with the SIG as one of the main modules. As for now I’ve only got Rings and Plaits installed and this alone will give me hours to play. Thank you for making this come true." P.W., Gouda, Netherlands

"SIG + Expander have been thriving in my case for a while now. What fun! Really, really useful features and design." M.L., Copenhagen, Denmark

"The module looks excellent, it's even nicer than in pics and I know that it will be a source of inspiration in my studio. I'm super happy with it and I want to thank you for all the support and responsiveness that you have shown. This will sell like hotcakes! Thank you very much!" M.M.B., Madrid, Spain 

"An optimal person/machine/environment relation. For a novice, all of this is an aide, for the expert composer, a collaborator." T.T., Virginia, U.S.

"Thanks Phin! My SIG+EXP has indeed found its new home in my case. Reading the manual and practicing my chords and triads to make best use of it! I am really excited about this module. It is a real beast. Thanks again!" J.J., Oregon, USA

"What manner of sorcery is this?!" M.A.G., Online

"I've experimented with a number of different ways to use randomness and probability in Eurorack since taking that initial jump down the rabbit hole, and I can say that none of the methods I've ventured into have been this promising from the get-go. So I really appreciate your kindness and help in procuring this. I love it and I am looking forward to making all kinds of weird and wonderful music with it!" C.H., Nevada, USA

"The bee's knees for generative sequencing." J.S., Seattle, USA

"What an utterly brilliant module (and thanks for convincing me that I needed the expander!). It's going to take months to fully explore it in depth! An incredible happy accident machine, with a completely different way of working. I mainly build generative patches in software but in hardware I want to constantly be interacting with the modular and SIG just fits that bill perfectly as one enters into a dialectic with it where you can only suggest to it what you want it to do. That bidirectional interaction is the essence of modular synthesis for me. It is a wonderful device. Game changer for me. It's a module where the real joy comes from playing it. Phin is a star." N.J., Widemouth, UK

"[Only] about 1/2 hour into it and can see that this module is going to be a lot of fun. Jarre-esque polyrhythmic sequencing is both immediate and inspirational." D.P., Washington, USA

"I received it two weeks ago, one day before I had a gig. I used it extensively on the second half of my set without reading the manual! Wonderful piece of kit. I nailed it into my gig-case. It’s not gonna come out again." R.V., Utrecht, Netherlands

"I was reading the manual to get a jumpstart and it is really quite brilliant. It is really well laid out and very detailed but also easy to follow. It really shows the true depth of this work. From the explanations and theory of it, I can tell SIG was worked on by real musicians. That's what drew me to this module. Its basis is hands on, random, in the moment, but very, very musical. I mean I have never seen anyone in a module manual other than this one, use correct terms like "pushing the bar line", scale charts, rests , etc. I am very excited, [and] once you feel out the workflow it is very easy and immediate. Most of my work has a lot of randomness in it, as I am big on meditation while creating, allowing the moment to dictate where things will go. This fits that mentality perfectly! I'm addicted!" R.B., New York, USA

"Definitely the most interesting sequencer I’ve ever used. It’s all I’d hoped for and way more. The expander is superb…4 channels is amazingly flexible." M.C.Y., Northumberland, UK

"This module has one of the best UI designs I’ve ever seen. The secondary and tertiary modes both use the same 5 knobs, labeled with the first letter of their function (for both modes, same letter, different word). In my first couple of hours I’ve already found (as S.I. emphasise) that this is a really jammable module. In addition to the many parameters that are more global, you can do some edits on specific musical notes, so for example, every C only could be set more likely to be an octave down and every E more likely to have a lower volume. It definitely helps to have just a basic understanding of scales and keys...or not! You can also just move the sliders until it sounds good. You can actually play this thing almost like you would a keyboard, but instead you push up the slider for any note. This module has a very definite design philosophy. Love it! I know you’ve said it over and over, but this is a module that you actually playI" P.G., Albuquerque, USA

"Love it. Very intuitive and simply playful." Y.L., Enschede, Netherlands

"I'm a big fan of René and I was looking for something as creative and playable and here you brought it with the SIG! Indeed I understand now your live instrument approach, therefore the no need for CV inputs. [And] about the Expander: what a great addition! Four SIGs! The instrument gives directly results that just your ear will decide over music theory! I also didn’t know when I ordered SIG that it had internal envelopes! What a great idea and great musical possibilities! A nice sort of plucky vactrol sound! And the looping function is fantastic: the fact that you can travel in the loop, make it different length compare to the other tracks it all open some many possibilities and variations. SIG is an intuitive riffs creator! Thanks again for the SIG, a great instrument!" I.P., Arquennes, Belguim

"I enjoy it very much: [with] the Ground Control [it's] my main sequencer." P.A., Antwerp, Belgium

"Got [my SIG] last week with the expander and I’m having a blast so far...just sending clock to it, and adding some beats and honestly, zone out to the melody. I had an almost tribal beat going while the SIG did it’s thing and I could’ve sat and listened for hours. Super easy generative patch [and] it’s super intuitive and very easy to use. Even if you have the faintest knowledge of scales/keys you’ll be having fun with it in no time.I’m really enjoying myself, it’s made my whole set up more fun to jam to with. Well done Phin!!! For anyone on the fence, SIG (Stochastic Inspiration Generator) is incredibly fun. I dare say it’s the cause of the biggest leap in enjoyment in my case in comparing any of my other modules [and is] already in my “never selling” category. So nice for generative stuff. Also, I got the blue too, it’s a beaut. Worth noting that the module made it from Plymouth UK to Minnesota, USA faster than most of the stuff I order from California-based shops." M.R., Minnesota, USA

"Thanks for making this unique and awesome module!!!" R.W., online

"One year [into owning] I have to say I’m so blown away about the SIG and the the joy it gives me into exploring music that I’m seriously thinking about getting another one!! Such an inspiring and empowering musical INSTRUMENT (yes, that’s what I believe it truly is). Big ups to you guys for coming up with such a game changing concept and finding the tech resources to make it real. Much respect: SIG is just the most amazing and game changing instrument I’ve ever came across. It is -literarily- the most inspiring piece of music gear I ever came across in over 25 years of personal sonic journey and a true game changer as it shed a light on what was just totally obscure and incomprehensible theory land for me. I still move very unsteady through it but SIG lit a big fluorescent arrow in the darkness pointing me in a clear direction. What an “eureka!” moment for me!" N.F., Tuscany, Italy

"This module is insane. Pure genius!" A.A., Berlin, Germany

"I just made my first jam with my SIG and I’m blown out. Super fun, easy to handle and a musical epiphany! Powerful, versatile and inspiring. I love it so much already, you did an astonishing job." F.R., Milan, Italy

"I was sold on it after seeing clearly how it all works. I was going to try a hybrid setup, including the XXXX from XXXX but after seeing how SIG works fully...Wow. It's like XXXX for melodies, just a million times better. 😁 Some piece of kit!" A.C., UK

"I can't wait to make music with this spectacular instrument." N.R., Montréal, Canada

"This has to be the module I have been the most excited about since it first came onto my radar a couple of years ago. Not only is it the most original sequencer in Eurorack at the moment, it is also manufactured not far from where I live. In fact, I picked it up in person and met one of the geniuses behind it! I am still barely scratching the surface but am starting to realise the potential with this amazing module." P.U., Cornwall, UK

"Just got mine today....Wow! All plumbed in and those first impressions speak volumes –absolutely blown awayCannot recommend this module (and the expander) enough. Dead easy to use, super clear manual and instant results. Even with a single channel going and a little drum track on the accompany, it's so  rewarding just jamming.... [So] intuitive (I’m terrible for reading the manuals first – too many years in IT), connected through a Plaits initially and then a 2HP Pluck and a Polygogo – fantastic piece of kit. Only had it a few days, ran through the manual and have just spent 2 hours just jamming with it on a single channel and a gentle drum track for company, syncopated arpeggio heaven, cannot believe how this is so responsive, even just 3 notes gently evolving through different scales, dial in a nice octave range, set 2 or 3 note length settings, get some ratcheting on the go and get totally lost.... You've knocked it out of the park with this one. Build quality is excellent, very glad I went for this. 😊Loads of fun with just one channel let alone all four. Very much well worth the wait!" P.G., Lancashire, UK

"It’s here! A few days early too! I plugged up 4 voices and gave it a go, on the first 15 min with it I’m already in love. The SIG is really well thought out and packed full of features. Thanks so much! I love it already!" R.B., New York, US

"I got mine about a week ago and really started to gel with it. I am having so much fun with this module. So versatile and engaging. Was quickly able to make the kinds of arps/seqs that I like and understand the secondary and tertiary button combos. It's not hard. Still a lot more to explore, but I love the immediacy of playing the knobs and sliders to perform on this thing. I really liked XXXX, but I thought it was a bit too much of a mystery and can never really tell what it's doing. SIG [is different because it] provides a great level of visual feedback via the flashing lights. The random timings are great as are the random attack and decay, portamento, legato, octaves, ratcheting… yeah. Awesomeness! By design, it’s a performance module, and a brilliant one. Tons of wiggly wiggly fun to be had. This month I've been actively following JD Cramer's excellent Krellberg Variations video tutorial thread, so I took S&H+Quantizers out of the mix for pitch CV generation and I'm using SIG to generate the notes for me in a much more controllable way. To me it is much more musical. It's very cool to run four concurrent voices sharing the same Krell function (with the Krell EOC going to SIG's CLK In and SIG's individual channels sending pitch CV to four oscillators). Then playing SIG to divvy up the octaves, notes and gates for each voice. Endless fun." E.C., Illinois, US

"Got little "Siggy" in the mail today! I'd post something, but I can't stop playing! So far, I can't seem to make anything that sounds bad! I was playing around with SIG+Rings and discovered the TrEGs are useful beyond just shaping notes with VCAs and filters. I think they were a genius stroke, to be honest. In another module it might not matter as much (though still would be great) since I can always set up articulations independently. But here they're especially useful because they are generated stochastically and everything works under one playable interface. They're great for controlling Brightness or Damping on Rings, for example. At some settings, they make very interesting and useful articulations in a melody. Ok, head down... I'm going to learn this thing inside-out! [FOLLOW UP:] I couldn't have made this patch without SIG! I use it for pitch and for various cv inputs of the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator. I love how it controls the timbre in a controlled yet unpredictable way. Nothing better than having your modular surprise you continuously as you play!" J.K., Virginia, US

"I wanted something that the computer can’t do well. I wanted a new experience. I can’t part with SIG! You're right, there is no way I could have made this [with other modules]. " S.R., Florida, US

"Today finally got the modules  to play with them! And I have no words!! It's the most incredible module ever done! And I only had couple of hours with it [so far] 😍 Really no words for it! They [don't do justice] compared to this musical dream! Thanks guys." B.D.P Basal, Switzerland

" SIG quickly became the main module in my system, I really love it 😉 Unbelievable module! Rules them all! 😆" F.D.L., Latina, Italy

"SIG is amazing! Having probability over pitch, timing, octave, looping it’s soooo good!" J.M., Wisconsin, US

"Received it 3 days ago, absolutely in love with it. I was struck with how beautiful it was when I opened it up! I think its design is brilliant. It is not only functional, but an absolute joy to use. And its wild rhythms are not only very easily attainable, they also bring something to Eurorack that you'd be hard-pressed to create with any other module, especially standard sequencers. I can't believe I even hesitated for a second in jumping on this! Also, I feel you should know that the manual you have prepared for the module is fantastic! Off to play, all the best!" J.G., Montréal, Canada

"Yet another thrilled SIG owner. SIG is actually THE module that made me get into Eurorack. I have been into synths for 30+ years yet the possibilities that SIG offers finally made me cave in and lose my final bit of will power against this Euro journey." S.M., East Sussex, UK

"Love my SIG and have only barely begun to understand what it's capable of. It's a dense module that rewards putting the time in!" Z.D., California, US

"I'm barely scratching the surface with SIG! An absolutely brilliant module! The way your module has just fit in so well with the rest of my setup is crazy great [and only] a few patches in and I already can't imagine patching without SIG! I find it fascinating layering differently weighted scales in the different voices. Thank you for the module I would have wanted to build, if I were the kind of guy who built modules!" J.K., Virginia, US

"SIG can control a whole system." Online, Modwiggler

"This is a very deep module. Barely scratched the surface yet, but I love it! Thank you for a brilliant product." P.W., Hertfordshire, UK

"My god man. It’s like you guys created a happier version of HAL 3000 who loves modular synthesizers! 😆 I watched your  SuperBooth video and honestly had no idea how deep it is. The more you talked about the features the more I was getting psyched, then I watched a few videos of people using it. Speechless man." P.G., North Carolina, US

"WOW!... SIG is pure genius! Just messing around I could tell immediately this is a real winner. Now to spend some time actually learning how to use this beast! This should be great for creating slow moving ambient stuff which I love. Good job SI! 😍" G.F., North Carolina, US

"Great product. I sold the XXXX and got the SIG. I never looked back. Phin is a solid dude so keep supporting and he keeps doing great stuff!!!!" L.C., New Jersey, US

"The SIG has landed !! 🙌🙌🙌 This thing is marvellous and the new panel is very clear for using it. The short first time I spent with was very intuitive. It’s so cool! Thank you a lot for making it real for me and also for all your care. You make beautiful things!" J.M., Vezelois, France

"SIG is a great module and I really love it! We can feel that it is a real module done by people who think modular and generative!" R.J., Paris, France

"The module felt good to use very quickly and it is very capable, very hands-on, I am really enjoying it. Great work! You also did a great job with the manual covering all there is to cover. Great work, and the front panel tells you where things are! 😊T.C., Cardiff, UK

"Super fun and insanely easily musical. Paring this with the USTA to record the sequences will make some really complex stuff!" W.I., Massachusetts, US

"I received my SIG safe and sound a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to say thanks, it is a remarkable module and easily the most playable sequencer I have used." T.C., Queensland, Australia

"I experience right now the Diderot effect! 😆 It works great and there is a lot to learn and explore! We need to PLAY the SIG. It’s a hands on module and playing almost all the parameters reveals its real magic!" P.L., Wald, Switzerland

"[SIG and the 4ms SWN] are beautiful together! I just let it run for hours as a soundtrack to my day.  I teach classes and private sessions of learning gear...expanding into modular to teach the art to new faces who are hesitant due to the complexities of modular gear. Your SIG will be a highlight in these classes." B.L., Hawaii, US

"I finally tonight had a chance to properly rack the SIG and OH MY GOD! What a brilliant brilliant module! I'm so glad [I went for it]! Learning a lot and it's only been a few hours!" R.R., New York, US

"SIG is absolutely STUNNING and it has opened up my rack in some seriously magical ways!" L.H., Oregon, US

"Just to let you know the module came today and I absolutely love it! So much fun from the first power on! Thank you for this awesome module! It is one of those must have modules. It is such a joy to use!" C.P., Lachendorf, Germany

"I absolutely adore it." Juno60, Online

"I get the most out of it when playing it like an instrument. It's not a random generator or some kind of ambient machine. You need to steer it like a boat which is much fun and the interface works. I use almost all the functions and that means as well the hidden stuff...which others mentioned before isn't difficult." pelang, Online

"I’m thrilled! Racked SIG up and spending time getting to know it this week! Overall I truly had a great experience throughout ordering, waitlist and shipping (shipping was super efficient and faster than I expected [to the US]). I love that you are so connected to the community and available in the online groups to answer questions, provide clarifications and appreciate and promote users creative expressions that feature your products." J.M., California, US

"I got a cool sound going on the BIA and ran the SIG into it and within 60 seconds I found my notes, dialed in the octave and note length probabilities, and just like that I had beautiful evolving melodies that kept my ears entertained for an hour+. This module is fantastic and to my ears is very musical. You designed a great module Phin." Gringo Starr, online

"This module is liberating. Everything is generative if you want it to be. But it can groove too. Thank you. 🙏" R.K., California, US

"I’ve been spending a lot of time with SIG and I’m happy to report that it is now my favourite sequencer!" A.D., California, US

"I really like SIG because I did not even [need to] read a manual or watch a video! [SIG is] very in sync with my own logic...congratulations!!!M.H., Mondsee, Austria

"What an immediately fun and easy module to use, but I can tell there is a ton of depth to it [too]. Looking forward to learning it more!" tl3ss, online

"I [just had SIG] driving a couple of simple oscillator voices, and even in that basic setting, it's a real joy to listen to. [For example,] when you leave the loop and later return to it, it is the same loop with the same settings, which can really anchor an improvisation. Contrast that with the behaviour of XXXX; when you leave a loop there, it's lost, and the next time you go in, it captures a new loop of the last N notes. With SIG, you have to deliberately capture a new loop: that's the right behaviour, and it opens things up so much." P.R., Brooklyn, US

"I've been playing with it for the last few hours. It's a great design. Complex, but intuitive. And really musical. I'm really enjoying it." A.R., Providence, US

"I wanted to let you know that I've been really enjoying the SIG. It's really really intuitive and musical and I'm very pleased to have it in my case." S.A., London, UK

"Incredible module, so much creativity and inspiration flowing out!" E.J., Lasne, Belgium

"Received mine 2 days ago and have been not stop playing with it since. I'm in love. Exactly what I wanted. Just enough control to make it human, 

"Received my SIG+ yesterday...paired it up for a little bit last night with my Make Noise DPO and then thought, hmmmm, my Moog DFAM/SubH/M32 is sitting right there, so why not...two hours later its 1:30am and I'm still tweaking and laughing...its so much fun! I continue to learn and play...going to mess around with the loop...and then add back the DPO on tracks 3 and 4 and see what happens 😆 I think you need to put a warning label on this module as it’s very addictive! 😉LOVE this module already!" J.B., Nebraska, US

"Hey Phin! Just letting you know that the SIG+ is totally incredible and such a pleasure to use! Thanks for helping it along and designing such a deep but user friendly beast! Had it cranking out some balinese scales for the set I played at Making Time. absolutely cannot wait to get deeper with it! " J.Z., Philadelphia, US

"First night with it: Bravo! I look forward to many new evenings with it, a great piece thanks!" E.W., California, US

"This thing is nuts, feels genuinely like an “instrument” and more than just a sequencer. I’ll definitely be using it as the brain for my next live set." A.T., Michigan, US

"I'm still feeling the inspiration and loved the video with Molten Modular!" T.C., Sheffield, UK

"With XXXX you have no control over the octave range in the mutations [which] can get really annoying and I took it out for that reason. A much more interesting sequencer is the Stochastic Inspiration Generator." A.G., Indiana, US

"SIG+ is everything I expected and more...You have redefined a common tool for melody creation in a very usable way." C.J., Hawaii, US

"Such an incredible module! 😉K.B., Missouri, US

"It arrived. It's gorgeous, Phin. This is an absolute work of art. [House is quiet]...Here I go! THANK YOU! I freaking LOVE this thing. It's so fun..and playable. Next performance at the Vintage Synth going to be so rad, and I can tell you that the SIG is going to be the star of the show. It really is a game changer. SIG has kind of changed everything. So special." J.W., San Diego, US

"That is one hell of a sequencer, holy shit! Really impressed with what it can do. I’ve got a XXXX and was wondering how they’d compare. The SIG+ is a whole lot more immediate and able to generate continually interesting melodies. Looking forward to getting to know it better. Thanks for the excellent ordering process and for creating such an interesting module." G.B., Oss, Netherlands

"Reminds me of a XXXX, but more intuitive and in less HP. Cool." P.H., online

"I love it! Can’t wait to learn the ins and outs, already getting some very musical results." D.J., Wellington, New Zealand

"It is AMAZING! God do I love this thing. I'm having more fun with my synth than I have in a long time! Seriously incredible; one of the most intuitive and fun sequencers I've ever used. I'll be enjoying it for a long time to come. You can really tell this instrument was designed by a composer who is sensitive to the music theory needed to bring this thing to life. Little things like forced barline mode and the many different parameters under control are so useful! What an amazing module." S.F., Buffalo, US

"It's like [Brian Eno's] Oblique Strategies but with pure uncut electrons!" laminalaudio, online

"It’s a brilliant sequencer. Very intuitive and fast results.", online

" changed my life and the way to look at most modules… Infinite possibilities." eldritchmadcap, online

"Amazing product!" A.M., London, UK

"I have to say [SIG] is the most fun I've ever had playing with a sequencer. It's incredibly intuitive and musical, and the secondary and tertiary functions are very useful, but also easy to access. [And, later...]... Just wanted to let you know that a few months in, the SIG is still the best sequencing module I've ever used. I wanted to send you the link to an album I just released that uses SIG exclusively for melodies, as well as some rhythmic sequencing. It's been an absolute pleasure learning this module and I'm extremely excited about what the future holds. Thank you again." S.A., Maine, US

"Picked it up, already up and running and loving what I have managed without reading the manual so far. It’s fantastic." D.M., Cape Town, South Africa

"This thing is amazing. It's a blast even with just 1 track, but to have 4?! The TrEG envelope thing is I'd say the best part and what separates it from other similar offerings like the XXXX XXXX. The way you can lock a loop, then adjust the attack, decay, portamento settings, then unlock and have It start jumping around with the new settings...extremely performative and just fun to play with. And I'm not even using it for generative music, which it clearly would be perfect for, I'm doing like live EDM electro/house, and the way you can shorten the loop length and then let it go is actually really helpful for doing transitions and buildups/drops. Just wanted to gush about this thing some: it's an absolute game changer for any style of electronic music. Absolutely get this before you even think about a XXXX for melodic sequencing. [SIG] is a beast, and I think I'm in love. I have all I ever need for [generative] melodic sequencing outside the realm of direct note for note control." S.S., Santa Ana, US

"This thing is a cheat-code, straight out the gates! Amazing." sui_city, online 

"I installed it last night and already made a piece with it that I love.  I just used one channel to control my XPO, ran it through the XPan, QPAS, Beads, and Mimophon, sent a gate to an AR generator and set different settings for the sub osc out and the main osc out I was using. It was a lovely, simple patch, and getting back to randomly generated sequencing was a true joy.  I have hardly scratched the surface and I already know you have made an incredible module I will happily use for the rest of my life.  Thank you so very much for your attention to care and detail. I also know there is an envelope generator function somehow so I could have gotten away without using my AR generator but I didn't take the time to figure that part out yet, as I was just excited to try sequencing with it! Much much love to you and your team." A.G., West Hills, US

"Congrats on creating such an awesome bit of kit! 👏 (although feels less like kit and more like a band member, haha!!)" Dan John Frazer, online

"I'm loving it!" J.C., New York, US

"Definitely one the best sequencers I've ever had, and believe me, I've had many over the years!" G.T., Tongeren, Belguim

"Great job with this one! 😉R.P., Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France

"It is such a deep thing and absolutely fantastic, I love it!" G.E., Baden Baden, Germany

"The most significant diff to me [over XXXX] is that [SIG lets you] set the octave ranges of every note...which allows you to make your root note the lowest tone in any 'sequence', which is more in touch with the traditional musical run of things. Then you can set your fifths, sevenths octave up- or whatever takes your fancy. And having four totally individual/independent, except for tempo though there are kind of work arounds, modulation lanes is pretty sweet. You can have two on voices, the others triggering drums with their cv modulating some other destination....and many other possibilities. It's a beast once you start digging deep but easy to get basic stuff going too." Willy Naylor, online

"I found using the XXXX very boring and the results are very mediocre...[so] I hesitantly bought a SIG and I absolutely love it! I get all kinds of great results [and] find the SIG to be much more interesting." SquidboatCommander, online

"I seriously love this thing. Been living with it for about a week now, and you can really tell that it was created by a composer. Lots of very musical touches like forced barline mode, etc." snailed, online

"A fantastic module, I enjoy it very, very much and try to figure out all the possibilities! So I would like to thank you again!" T.H., Bavaria, Germany

"Great module! Very cleverly made! I [thought I would be] afraid of [the] secondary [and] 3rd functions but [they are] so easy to use....Love it!" M.G., Die, France

"[Just] wanted to say how awesome SIG is after spending almost a year now being one of the few modules that never left my rack." V.Z., California, US

"The Stochastic Inspiration Generator is a wonderful partner for ambient music: its conception and its play even induce, for me, a form of poetry (a kind of magic) quite profitable to this particular genre. Few modules have such a quality, even less on the side of the 'sequencers' or related." sweelink, online

"This module is the king for live improv and jamming. Thanks again for your work it really impressive! 😉" S.B., Vaud, Switzerland

"Loving the module!" P.B., New Jersey, US

"Many thanks for the great communication and frequent updates - probably the best communication I've ever had when purchasing anything." M.S., New Jersey, US

"SIG has been finding its way into almost all my jamming/noodling patches of late." S.M., Illinois, US

"Received the Generator a few days ago and it's cool!. Getting used to the different ways you can play and manipulate the track...[and] how useful this will become providing 4 tracks of composition—it's marvellous." J.F. online

"It's great! Have been diving into the secondary/tertiary functions and having a blast! Been so much fun already and very lovely!" M.S., New Jersey, US

"SIG is easily the best random melody maker I've used to date." deejone12, online

"Thank you! I tried it last night and found it surprisingly intuitive and, true to the name...inspiring to use in performance! Eager to spend more time with it." K.R., California, US

"It looks and feels great!" T.S., Berlin, Germany

"[I just bought a second SIG so] I'm looking forward to 8 lines of changing melodies playing against each other! The instrument is fascinating and elegant, there's a lot to explore." J.F., North Carolina, US

"Stochastic Instruments’ Stochastic Inspiration an incredible module. I won’t go into everything it does, as there are already a couple very helpful videos out there on that, but suffice it to say that it lives up to its name!" T.F., Illinois, US

"It's an incredible device and it will provide so many possibilities - I also have an Expert Sleepers ES-9, which will allow me to use the SIG+ to control any of the hundreds of virtual instruments in Logic, so [I'm] also really looking forward to the whole thing. Definitely my favourite sequencer now!" J.J., Bonn, Germany

"OMG I’m beyond excited! As a fanatic of aleatory as well as stochastic processes this just seems like the ultimate performance tool for me. I’m grateful for geniuses who put together things like these!!!" diasporos, online

"Each time I learn a basic gesture the permutations available across four independent tracks blow my mind. From my own limited but exponential experience you quickly realise the performance potential. This module has class." joncharliefeathers, online

"I love SIG. I use it all the time…maybe too much! But yeah, it does exactly what it says on the panel. Still feel like I haven’t near mastered it. The forced bar lines has become my favourite feature. I like to use it to control the DFAM or other percussive sources. You can get sort of jazzy rhythms, bursts of ratchets etc that are random but rhythmically grounded, and can totally change the feel by adjusting the time division. SIG [can] control pretty much everything [even in] a long ass track!" Spaceman Jacques, online

"Man, I feel like I’ve been given the keys to the kingdom with this thing! I’ve been trying to wrangle the XXXX to do what this does easily, thank you! This is really brilliant Phin [and Stuart], congratulations. I’m loving it already! " R.R., Virginia, US

"I'm really enjoying it! 😊 Loving the SIG. I may have become Brian Eno overnight LOL." P.T., Warminster, UK

"I constantly pull killer melodies from [SIG]." Electro Something, online

"Stochastic Inspiration Generator offers four tracks of sequencing, (just about right for a Sinfonion). It was my replacement for my (now gone) XXXX, and for me, better in every way." Framistatic, online

"Phin [& Stuart], you have created magic. This module is so fun! This might be the perfect sequencer! Thank you for all your hard work." B.K., California, US

"I find myself always finding new ways to use this module, I love it. So many more hidden uses to discover, I've not even started with ratcheting yet!" Clone Crow, YouTube

"The wait was worth it. SIG is delightful and very usable...[and] asks to be played as an instrument...The secondary and tertiary functions, and the expander, offer a great deal of depth and scope, including the possibility of using TrEGs for modulation other than note volume."  Review

"Phin, thanks again for the super quick responses, ninja level fault finding, and saint level patience. I can honestly say it was by far the best customer service experience I've had in Eurorack land!" D.H., Los Angelese, US

"Last night I was looking for alternatives to the XXXX and I came across your appearance on Robin's Molten Technology channel. What a happy accident that was! [SIG] pretty much made me ditch any plan to buy the XXXX based on three principles 1) Size, 2) Built-in envelopes?! You must be kidding me! 3) Why one channel when I can have four?" L.G., Syndney, Australia

"[There's a lot going on]  which is to be expected and respected but the sounds are definitely different and more tonal. My first impression is it is, unlike most modules, definitely musical first - mad scientist second. I feel like my rack is more balanced now and...I’m going to get some breath and more open phrasing into my patches. I’m still new to Eurorack so we are going to grow together!" J.B., Missouri, US


"I [just] got my SIG and I'm in love with it. It's an amazing module and brings me joy every time I play with it. Keep making cool stuff!" M.B., Las Vegas, US

"It’s a great little module, very inspiring! Fun to use triggers from one channel to trigger parameters on the other!" online

"I use the SIG almost every time I patch something up and it continues to inspire." A.F., Portland, US

"The Polar SIG+ just arrived! It looks truly beautiful. I can't wait to install it and let the probabilistic magic commence! Thank you so much for all your help and patience. Also, I just wanted to mention that, after seeing the module in person, it's remarkable how much functionality you were able to fit into this small footprint, both in terms of HP and depth! Wow!" K.L., Texas, US

"I just got to play with SIG+ for fifteen minutes or so (without reading the manual, sorry!) and I liked very much the feel of it and most of all what I heard😊 I’m impressed with the quality of your product and your dedication to it, I appreciate it very much, and I hope that many other people will do the same." S.L., Ticino, Switzerland

"I love SIG! Lots to explore to get into the depths!" P.S., Illinois, US

"Today I started to play with SIG+, it's awesome 😊 Thank you very much!" S.S., Sardinia, Italy

"Amazing product! Absolutely loved it from the moment I plugged her in, so much fun to jam with!" J.B., online

"I was obsessing on SIG yesterday just after it left the box! Holy mother of God! I'm very excited to dig in today! It is a remarkable invention. What a beautiful and inspiring creation. Thank you Phineas de Thornley Head of Stochastic Instruments for designing something so special and unique. Bravo!! " D.B., California, US

"Every time something new's a fantastic module." M.M., Illinois, US

"It's my favourite sequencer, hands down!! I love it and keep discovering its depth and versatility." A.M., Curepipe, Mauritius

"Just wanted to let you know I love my SIG." J.K., New Mexico, US

"This machine is a game changer, loads of fun and my one and only AI device." jcf, online

"I have it and I love it!" B.K, Toronto, Ontario

"[Really want] to start digging a bit deeper into this incredible module, but while it can do [such musical] stuff with only a few seconds’ set-up, it’s hard to tear oneself away!" W.C., Ipswich, UK

"I will definitely promote this amazing module! Thank you so much!" S.B., New Jersey, US

"I've only had this for a few weeks but I freakin' love it. Thank you for this amazing tool!" audiodistortion, online

"I adore this sequencer. I have had it for a while now and it still surprises me and excites me. It is incredibly intuitive and    has a vast array of functions that suit all styles of music from melodic ambient generative patches to avant-garde experimental craziness. Pure heaven from Devon!" @farawaytree471, online

"SIG is already making an impact on the album I'm working on at the moment." K.K., Chicago, US

"Gotta say….I’m absolutely blown away with SIG+!! It’s become my favorite sequencer. I’ve owned the XXXX, the XXXX (which I’m selling and replacing with SIG) the XXXX (sold it) XXXX, the XXXX and the XXXX (sold it). By far the SIG is more performative and intuitive to use than all of these. I would love to have two in my system at some point. Congrats to you and your team! I hope you sell a ton of these!!" T.C., Alabama, US

"Absolutely love it. Thank you so much!"  A.F., Rhode Island, US

"What a freakin beautiful module! I've been at it most of the afternoon. Once I learned my my around, it's been bliss." W.H., New York, US

"I am very happy!...The workflow is very logical and easy for me! I am sure it is a keeper!" B.V., Neede, Netherlands

"Thanks for this incredible device!" B.M., Bern, Switzerland

"After first explorations, the time signature feature is my favourite. From the manual I thought this might be more something for advanced musicians. But no, it's so much fun just to play around with the various rhythmic outcomes ... Congrats the SIG development!" M.M., Hamberg, Germany

"Thanks so much for this amazing machine! I’ve had a blast so far!" F.T., Pennsylvania, US

"Posted my first piece using SIG. Just scratching the surface so far but it is really fun to use.  This module has among the most musical random sequences I have come across, and thats having a lot of experience with Marbles and the Turing Machine. Good work brother!" W.H., New York, US

"[SIG+] certainly seems to represent a new direction for probabilistic music making. I'm very excited to keep exploring with it." J.P., The Hague, Netherlands

"The module is fantastic. I’m enjoying the heck out of it!" S.A., Louisiana, US 

"It’s a beautiful device. Lovely work."  W.R., Iowa, US

"I set it up right away, and was inspired (as advertised!!!). This [is a] great module." B.V., Toronto, Canada

"[SIG might]...look intimidating at a first glance but after working my way through the manual it became very clear very fast. Such a joy to work with this module!" T.K., Gelderland, Netherlands

"I’m loving it. I’ve had the SIG for a number of months now and have put it to many uses...It’s a pretty amazing system to play with.Thank you for this amazing tool!" R.R., Virginia, US

"Before SIG I spent 75% of my time trying to get plucks/envelopes/CV right. Now I spend 75% of my time improving voice quality and designing composition. Eurorack is scintillating again. I cannot THANK YOU guys enough. I'm telling everyone that will listen about SIG and will do some reviews at some point, having too much fun exploring SIG for now." C.G., Ohio, US

"I received the SIG on 01/02, much quicker than I expected. I am in the process of learning all the incredible things it can do!" J.P., Maryland, US

"I love the ethos of your company and am looking forward to experimenting with the SIG. I’ve been dabbling with generative music systems in MAX, however I’m not a real programmer and the SIG has a far more sophisticated approach than anything I’ve come up with. It delivers just what I’m looking for in a neat hardware module I can use in live performance… marvellous! I have also studied in some depth the manual for the Silence Generator; brilliant! It’s well worth the price just for the amusement this provided...Thank you! :-)" N.P., Surry, UK

"Sequenced my matriarch...I was able to make a pretty cool sequence with it right away. It’s really fun!" I was able to make a pretty cool sequence with it right away." V.S., Texas, US

"It’s so much fun!! The SIG does everything better than II had hoped it would. So many possibilities. The tuning is stable and its timing is tight.  It’s the heart of everything [in my rig now]! " W.R., Iowa, US

"This is such a brilliant sequencer and playable instrument in its own right. Whether using it just for jams or full on compositions, it's always a joy to play." letdown, online

"Very positive and enjoying my early SIG+ experience 👍" J.W., South Lanarkshire, Scotland

"SIG is lovely and intriguing!" D.G., North Carolina, US

"[SIG+] is a swiss knife it fit to me perfectly!" M.D., Berlin, Germany

"I’m having lots of fun with the SIG!  The possibilities with it are endless!" N.C., online

"Phin, I'm loving it! I had a couple of hours with it and really enjoyed playing around and learning what it can do. So only scratched the surface so far!" M.B., Stratford Upon Avon, UK


"Awesome company! Wish more were like SI 😊" R.P., Yorkshire, UK

"The deeper than I had even realized and is really fun to tinker with." M.S., Virginia, US

"Thank you for the quick shipping of the SIG+ module! It's already patched in and is currently driving my whole system, generating lots of beeps and boops!" M.B., Rostock, Germany


"I can say that this is one of the most intuitive modules I've ever used and I really really like it. [Now] hoping I can get some time to really dig in and spend some time getting to know some of the deeper features. I did go through some of the tutorial examples in the manual which was a lot of fun: I wish all Eurorack companies would provide examples in their manuals. That is such a great idea!" J.F., Arizona, US

"Thanks you so much for the amazing customer service. You have definitely gone above and beyond!" J.A., Washington, US

"Your module is amazing and a fantastic addition to my modular rig! Love it." W.G., Rotterdam, Netherlands

"[Just had my first] play with SIG - WOW! - I was mightily impressed with the results after only a couple of hours with it - using just a single track, one synth voice (Rings), and not even touching the EG functions -yet! [I've] spent the past 48 years working in the Electroacoustic music industry/field [and] it takes quite a lot to get me 'excited' these days! :-)" M.B., West Yorkshire, UK

"I do really the module: its clearly very well thought out, despite having a lot of features it is all very immediate." C.D., Bristol, UK

"I am fully enjoying your beautiful module." N.B., Podgorica, Montenegro

"I tried the stochastic mode on my XXX XXX, and SIG kills it. I could never get anything musical out of [that], in fact it soured me till I saw...the SIG. It's amazing!" M.G., Toronto, Canada

"SIG is a work of art" F.F., Stuttgart, Germany

"Discovering SIG after having used Marbles as my only random sequence source has been the best thing to happen to me and what I do with modular. It's given me an entirely different appreciation for what would be considered "random" when chance and probability becomes truly playable and thus, more musical." @daughtersofdivorce6803 online

I own about 8 different sequencers (including a trigger sequencer and the one in KeyStep Pro), but SIG is by far my favorite one because tuning in melodies and rhythms is a breeze! But after watching Mylar's video and of course yours I think it's high time to finally check all these second and third level functions... I'm hoping for dark cold winter nights!" @JoshuaPhilgarlic online

"WOW what an incredible instrument you and the team have developed. I am completely in love already." W.B., London, UK


"I just released a set of recordings...where every melody is composed by the SIG. I've had it for two years now, and I've never stuck with a Eurorack sequencer so long, but darn is that thing just too fun, and I find myself constantly discovering more possibilities with it. Thank you for designing such an incredible piece of gear that is just endlessly inspiring. I'm a piano and accordion player at heart, so I very much appreciate how playable SIG is, but at the same time allows you to sit back and discover happy accidents. It's exactly how I like to improvise on piano as well." S.A., Maine, US

"Just want to say what an incredible piece of gear the SIG is. I've recently been toying with it as a modulation source rather than a melodic sequencer and getting on with some deeply weird and exciting results!" R.Z., California, US

"Been enjoying [SIG] ...a lot! Having TrEGs, under stochastic control, is such a master stroke [and] the quite clear for the 1,2,3 functions. I love the immediacy of sliding in/out notes to get what sounds good to really is a game changer for me." K.C., British Columbia, Canada

"I really love it!" F.F., Stuttgart, Germany

"Really loving using the SIG for gates. I’m using 3 channels for gates for the ADSR’s of my voices. I’m loving how I can make the ‘lead’ voice create phrases like a real player! And have the backup guys be so much more musical than you could easily make with a sequencer. And am still using channel 1 for transposition to the whole system...[to] keep adding new transpositions as it goes along. So psyched, thanks Phin!" R.R., Virginia, US


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