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Prepare the Elements to Become Complex

Eurorack modules exploring the interaction between performance and process

We create modules which embrace the emergent complexity of chaotic systems and the combinatorial dynamics of stochastic processes, while retaining the essential element of musical performance and expression. Eurorack blurs the traditional lines of musical demarkation: the player becomes at once composer, performer, producer, improviser—and audience. Our modules therefore invite you to complete the complementary half of a complex, inter-responsive system: an improvisational duet rather than a sequence to-be-realised, a self-organising interaction rather than an algorithm to-be-implemented, a partner in creation rather than a key to-be-pressed.

Rethink Random  //  Create Chaos  //  Perform Process

“The role of the composer is to prepare the elements which will permit the situation to become complex.”

John Cage, For the Birds: Sixth Interview

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